Carma is Propark’s core philosophy that resonates throughout the company.

We firmly believe that the best course of action is to always do right by those we do business with or employ. Positive energy begets positive energy and whether it’s our premium services and amenities for our clients, or advocating a living wage for our employees; Propark believes that “Good Carma” benefits everyone.

Woven throughout the fabric of our organization is the desire to do the right thing. For over thirty years, Propark has engaged the best action leaders and innovators from within and outside the company. Together we have made a commitment to being aware and proactive for positive change.

Propark engages in charitable and community outreach initiatives in our host cities. Propark supports local worthwhile organizations, including Ronald McDonald House Charities, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Habitat for Humanity and the Alzheimer’s Association. We aspire daily to our highest social reasonability governance for our stakeholders by ensuring economic vitality through responsible and thoughtful actions. Our commitment to sustainability in parking, for example, is deeply rooted in our Carma philosophy

It’s all about good carmaSM