Best ways to improve your hospitality parking management services

hospitality parking management
By Lee-Ann Moore


Hospitality Parking Management

Creating a pleasant experience for your guests should be a top priority for hotel owners in the hospitality industry. Hotel guests love convenience, especially when it comes to planning vacations, shopping, traveling, or participating in leisure activities. Those traveling by car specifically should be able to access those locations with ease. Hotels should be willing and able to provide the following commodities: accessible parking, customer service through valet parking services, and customized transportation just to name a few. Failing to provide such services can turn guests away. By collaborating with hospitality establishments and other partners to offer these amenities, this will not only provide a unique experience to guests, but also turn them into loyal advocates. Here are a few ways to improve hospitality parking management services for your hotel guests.

Customized Hospitality Parking Management

When selecting a parking management company, you must keep the guests’ entire journey in mind. What first impressions would you like to make when they arrive at your hotel? Would you want guests searching for parking options only to find that another hotel nearby is easier to access? You want them to focus on enjoying their time, not feeling stressed and unsafe when trying to figure out where to park. Your guests’ safety and having well-trained employees should not be the last two things on your list of services. Think about how you want your guests to feel during their entire stay from parking accessibility to valet services. When choosing a parking management company, you should choose a company that understands the guests’ needs and that focuses on the guests’ journey as you craft a hospitality parking management system for your hotel.

Valet Parking Services

Adding valet parking services to your hotel can ease the minds of your guests in several ways. Pampered guests feel secure, confident, and cared for. This shows that you view their safety as a priority. Making your guests’ journey convenient amplifies the chances of them returning or writing a pleasant review. Whether your guests are older, disabled, or are in need of other accommodating options, valet parking services can relieve that burden of finding parking and having to park far away from the hotel.

Sustainable Parking Solutions

Offering sustainable solutions to your parking management system says a lot about your hotel. Giving guests options that will not harm the environment will help you stand out and presents a sense of care and trustworthiness. For example, ensuring that guests have the best sustainable parking options such as charging stations for their electric vehicles can show that your hotel is innovative. Adding services such as a Hotel Bike program will attract guests that want to enjoy exploring the city with less traffic while decreasing their carbon footprint. Make sure that the parking management company that you choose gives options that are safe, yet effective for your guests and the environment.

Transportation Management

What if your guests are going out on the town? Providing them with quality transportation management can offer them the luxury of traveling worry-free. Think about luxury vans or shuttle buses. You need to search for a parking management company that will offer you those options, but also offer your hotel with professional well-trained staff that will drive the guests to their given location safely and in a timely manner. Offering transportation management services at a hotel could lessen the amount of complaints during a guest’s stay; and who wouldn’t want that?

Parking Technology

Having the best parking technology can allow you to service your guests at a lower cost. Quality camera systems help your guests feel safe when parking at a garage or parking lot. It also gives them the confidence that if something happens to their vehicle, you are able to assist them. Adding intercoms can improve communication without overspending for parking management services. You should choose a parking management company with professional and capable staff that understands parking technologies such as surveillance, intercom communications, etc.

Propark Mobility

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