Multi-Lot Facility Overhaul and Valet Implementation

Baylor College of Medicine | Houston, TX

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BCM Clinic Valet

Winpark began operating the BCM Clinic Valet in 2007. This facility was at a deficit for approximately two years. Winpark generated a profit within the first month and hasn’t stopped since. With extensive knowledge of valet services in healthcare locations across the country, Winpark immediately found a more efficient use of the valet space, as well as determined more accurate timing of arriving and departing visitors. Seasoned valets with extensive training provide outstanding customer service making it possible to safely park over 200 vehicles per day.

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Jamail Specialty Care Center

When the BCM Jamail Specialty Care Center opened, it consisted of a 218-space visitor lot and a 230-space employee lot. In 2009, Winpark consulted and began managing the parking operation. This venture was BCM’s first owned facility in Houston that incorporated an automated parking system. Winpark took time to ensure the right equipment choice was made, based upon the unique needs of this location. A valet component was added in June of 2011 and soon after, valet services more than doubled per month. Consistent service with the assurance of effective equipment makes parking at Jamail a success.

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BMC Medical Center

In November 2013 Winpark added the BCM Medical Center to this portfolio. This 390-space garage is currently being used for visitors and faculty members. Our valet service currently parks over 2,000 vehicles per month. Construction continued with additional capacity added in 2019. The 1.4 million square foot building is supported by Winpark operating the underground garage, valet service and 1,800-space parking structure.

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