Heidi Moran | Vice President of Operations

Heidi Moran began her storied career with Propark over 25 years ago as a Valet Captain, when there were less than 100 employees, companywide.  Over the next 25 years, Heidi has grown with the company, holding several key roles, including Front Office Receptionist, Account Manager and Vice President of Sales and Customer Service.  In her current role as Regional Vice President of Operations, Heidi’s responsibilities encompass sales, marketing and daily operations at various locations across Connecticut and Massachusetts.  Her experience of growing with the company organically has given Heidi valuable insight into every aspect of Propark, making Heidi an integral part of the company and giving her an elevated understanding of what differentiates us in the marketplace.  “I have literally worked in every role at Propark,” explained Moran.  “Being with the company for over 25 years was the best move I ever made.  Propark is not only my career, but my family.”