Employee Spotlight

March’s Employee of the Month: Cynthia McMahan

Cynthia was nominated for this esteemed award by Kara Smith, cashier at the Oakland Coliseum, home of the National Football League’s Oakland Raiders. Cynthia has been a valued Propark team member for nearly seven years. She currently works as a supervisor at the Oakland Coliseum.

When considering candidates for Employee of Month, one of the qualities that we look for in our Parking People is the ability to lead by example. Great leaders understand that they are role models and by setting a high performance standard for themselves, their fellow team members will typically strive to achieve the same standard in the performance of their own duties.  Clearly Cynthia McMahan fits the description when her peers describe her work ethic and dedication to Propark.

“Cynthia is always a burst of sunshine,” explained Kara. “She is professional and liked by everyone. Whenever I need her assistance, she makes herself available with no hesitation; in my opinion, Cynthia fits the bill for Employee of the Month.”

Another quality that is given consideration when awarding the Employee of the Month is dedication to one’s job. As Cynthia nears her seventh anniversary with the company, her length of service is certainly indicative of her dedication to Propark and her commitment to ensuring the success of the operations at the Oakland Coliseum.

Mark Torres, Propark’s account manager at the Oakland Coliseum, shared, “Cynthia as Employee of the Month would be fantastic! She’s been with us since we opened the location and has one of the longest tenures, if not the longest tenure among all the staff onsite.”

Congratulations Cynthia, and thank you for all your hard work and dedication to Propark. It does not go unnoticed. We are Propark Proud of you!