Employee Spotlight

Propark would like to honor Juan Becerra as Superhero of the Month for November 2017. Juan works at Propark’s corporate headquarters in Hartford, Connecticut.


November’s Employee of the Month: Juan Becerra

Juan was nominated for this esteemed award by Lauren Prevost, Propark’s Corporate Human Resources Coordinator. Juan has been with Propark as a contractor since April and currently works maintenance at corporate headquarters in Hartford, Connecticut.

Lauren shared, “Juan is an invaluable member of our team. He keeps our offices absolutely spotless, is willing to go above and beyond whenever he is asked to do something out of the ordinary, and is very kind and considerate. He will ask before coming into anyone’s space to clean, and greets everyone with a smile and a hello. Something that really stood out to me occurred on my second day of employment here. Juan walked by my office and said, “Hello Lauren, how are you today?”. I was so impressed that he already knew my name and it was my second day! Juan, thanks so much for your hard work and the positivity that you bring to our corporate office here in Hartford.”

Jeremy Steppen, Corporate Director of Logistics and Corporate Services, shared: “I wanted to take this opportunity express how happy I am to work with Juan Becerra. In this last year, I have found him to be kind, courteous, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and results-driven.  Simply put, he is extremely competent and professional at what he does. Juan always reports to work with a fantastic attitude. The janitorial and porter roll is a critical and vital component to our corporate office; this fact cannot be overstated. Due to the diligent efforts on the part of Juan, our corporate office environment has become much easier to maintain and manage. Juan goes above and beyond what we expect and has become an absolute, extremely welcome, and indispensable part of our corporate team”.

Amy Heine, Benefits Specialist, shared: “Juan has been an amazing addition to our corporate team.  He has a smile and friendly hello every single day.  His time, care, and attention to detail does not go unnoticed by any of the employees here, and every day he makes Propark shine!  He is a kind, considerate, and genuinely caring person, and I am very grateful for how much he has invested himself in Propark and each individual.” 

Congratulations Juan! Thank you for all the hard work you put in, it does not go unnoticed; you are an exceptional member of the Propark team!