Employee Spotlight

Propark would like to honor Nelsi Rivas as Employee of the Month for August 2017. Nelsi works for the Charles Square Garage in Boston, Massachusetts.

Nelsi was nominated for this esteemed award by Djamel Ghili, Area Manager for Propark’s Boston region. Nelsi has been with Propark for nearly eight years and currently works as an attendant at the Charles Square Garage, which is situated beneath the renowned Charles Hotel in the heart of Harvard Square.

Djamel shared, “Nelsi Rivas has been a loyal employee of Propark at The Charles Square Garage for eight years. Since he began, Nelsi has shown a willingness to serve his customers, while constantly keeping up with the garage appearance through cleaning and maintenance. He always starts his shift by inspecting the garage facility and addressing any issues that may arise, such as emptying overfilled trash cans, picking up litter, clearing puddles, and power sweeping main areas. He also patrols the garage, monitoring for parking violations and issuing courtesy notices where needed. By lunch time, when the garage reaches and exceeds its normal capacity, Nelsi steps in to accommodate all incoming vehicles and hustles to find parking for every single visitor.

Nelsi is considered to be the most engaged garage attendant/valet assistant among his peers. He is self-motivated, and he serves dozens of customers every single day of his own accord by assisting them in finding parking spots or by simply valet parking their vehicles. He stays focused on serving with a big smile despite the pressure of the rush hour. During down times, Nelsi works on some maintenance projects including fixing hotel bikes, tidying up the store room, replacing lights bulbs, installing signs and just about any type of routine repair job.

Nelsi is very much liked by his customers, whether regular monthly parkers or the occasional parker. The building and hotel management appreciate his hard work and attention to detail. During the course of the last eight years, I have received positive feedback on numerous occasions for Nelsi’s courteous customer service and dedication to helping hotel guests and visitors. Nelsi deserves recognition for his hard work, his loyalty and his contribution to making Propark the company that cares for its customers”.

Congratulations Nelsi, and thank you for being such an exceptional member of the Propark Team!