Employee Spotlight – July

July’s Employee of the Month: 

Nate Denham was nominated for this esteemed award by Regional Manager, Han Chau. Nate has been a valued Propark team member for nearly seven years. He currently works as a shuttle driver at Expresso Airport Parking in San Leandro, California. In addition, Nate is a two-time recipient of this designation!

Han shared, “What makes our company unique from other Parking Companies? It’s the excellent Parking People of Propark!”

“I am honored to nominate Nate Denham as Employee of the Month,” continued Han. “Nate makes every effort to display hospitality-quality service excellence. When it comes to near-airport parking, guests usually arrive nervous, anxious and stressed as time is the most valuable component when flying. Nate is extremely helpful when it comes to calming our guests through this experience. Nate has been with Propark since 2011 and has been a strong backbone to the Expresso family. The list of his great qualities goes on, but just recently one of our guests best describes Nate’s effort to go above and beyond the call of duty.”

The guest shared the following:  “I have the highest compliment to your driver Nate, he was heroic, as I left my phone in my car, was running late for my flight (due to an accident on Highway 24). Nate made sure your staff found my phone and drove it to me while I was waiting outside the airport (without a phone, under much stress that I may miss my plane). I made my flight but more importantly, what Nate did shows how great humanity can be! Thank you!”

We are honored to recognize our Employee of the Month, Nate Denham.  Congratulations Nate and thank you for all your hard work and dedication at Expresso Airport Parking. Propark is very lucky to have an awesome employee like you! We are Propark Proud of you!