April Employee of the Month Saleh Hussain

Saleh Hussain was nominated for this esteemed award by Michael Anderson, Regional Manager. Saleh has been a valued Propark team member for almost two years and currently works as a Supervisor at Expresso Airport Parking in San Leandro, California.

Michael shared, “Sal started as a valet at Expresso last year. Since day one, he has demonstrated the true vision of exceptional customer service in every way. In the last two months, Sal has had multiple positive online reviews on sites such as Trustpilot and Yelp. Management also received numerous emails and calls regarding his professionalism and courteous service delivery. Expresso has some customers that will continue to exclusively park at this location due to the treatment they receive from Sal.

Sal is a problem-solver and loves to take the initiative on ways to improve the overall operation. Because of these reasons, Sal was promoted to Afternoon Supervisor in February of 2019. Anywhere from 200-500 customers can depart from Expresso on any given day and the last impression of their stay is more important than anything else, as it defines their experience. Sal leaves them with a great lasting impression that will keep people returning to Expresso for years to come. Sal has been a great addition to the team. We would be lost without him!”

Congratulations, Saleh, and thank you for your excellent customer service and dedicated performance at Expresso. We are Propark Proud of you!