November Employee of the Month Sean Patton

Sean Patton was nominated for this esteemed award by Kyle Vanderschoor, Area Manager. Sean has been a valued Propark team member for over a year and currently works as a Valet Attendant at Sutter Hospital in Sacramento, California.

Kyle shared a very heroic story: “On Tuesday, November 13th, 2018, at approximately 3:05 pm (while reporting to the garage), Sean Patton heard the sound of tires screeching and looked up to see a White Ford Explorer rounding the corner in front of him. As the vehicle passed him, he observed a female driver slumped over – as if asleep – travelling at a high rate of speed toward a group of pedestrians.

Realizing the imminent (and immediate) inherent danger, Sean sprang into action and doubled back after her, while alerting others in danger, which allowed them to safely escape. Luckily, as the vehicle approached the next intersection, the driver slowed down to make a right turn. This gave Sean just enough time to open the passenger side door, put the vehicle in “Park” and remove the keys from the ignition. From there he began checking on the driver, who seemed despondent and disoriented, asking if she was okay.

Not receiving an intelligible response, Sean enlisted the help of his teammates to notify management, who called campus security and Sacramento PD. Additionally, a medical response was activated within a matter of minutes. It was determined that the driver was impaired and was operating the vehicle in a reckless, dangerous manner as a result.

Thanks to his quick thinking, and immediate response, Sean’s actions while on duty were instrumental in potentially saving no fewer than four lives, and an unimaginable number of additional innocents; his conduct, dedication to duty (and humanity) are in keeping with the highest standards and character that we expect of all our employees, and reflect great honor upon himself, and Propark.”

We are honored to recognize our heroic Employee of the Month, Sean Patton. Congratulations Sean and thank you for truly going above and beyond. Your willingness to jump into this situation is unparalleled; Propark is very lucky to have such a dedicated and noble employee! We are Propark Proud of you!