March Employee of the Month Luis Arevalo

Luis Arevalo was nominated for this esteemed award by Jorge Mejia, Account Manager. Luis has been a valued Propark team member for nearly two years and currently works as a Parking Attendant at Gateway Center in White Plains, New York.

Jorge shared, “I would like to nominate my attendant, soon to be assistant manager, Luis Arevalo due to the many contributions he continues to provide throughout the Westchester Region in his 1 year and 9 months service with Propark.  His commitment to Propark, availability and technical support are exemplary.   Earlier this month, he did a phenomenal job assisting a nearby location which faced critical temporary coverage for an absentee manager who was away for personal/emergency reasons.

Several days ago, we experienced a very disturbing event of graffiti writing taken place against three of our signs inside the visitor lot area.  Our client requested immediate attention to this matter and our response was outstanding, especially from Luis.  Mike Safford from the sign shop designed and shipped the signs same day. The delivery came in on time, and when I asked Luis to assist me, he not only assisted with the sign installation, but he took charge of the project and did most of the job by himself as I was required to assist other client/tenant needs.  The client was happy and appreciative for the work and the quick turnaround time. 

Luis Arevalo is an asset to Propark.  Employees like Luis are the ones that consistently look for ways to enhance business relationships with our commercial parking tenants and with our client ownership, as well.  I am proud to nominate him for Employee of the Month.”

Congratulations, Luis, and thank you for your dedicated performance.  We are Propark Proud of you!  Thank you for your reliable customer and client service.