Maximizing revenues for ownership while delivering the highest guest standards is what Propark is famous for in the hotel world. Our rigorous training standards were developed by our hotel services department headed by a top hotel management-talent team of Ritz-Carlton and Kimpton Hotel Alumni.

Exceptional guest service requires surprising and delighting guests through creative anticipation of their needs, and Propark is prepared to implement our signature front door arrival protocol designed to exceed targeted AAA and Mobil standards in all applicable categories.

Our parking management company is currently valet parking cars across the country. At this very moment, our valet parkers are running up the hills of San Francisco and opening car doors in Cambridge, Massachusetts. From famed South Street Seaport in New York to the convention center in Jacksonville, Florida, Propark valet parkers are achieving five-star service levels.

We know that developing a quality labor pool is an important challenge in every city, which is why the Propark mantra is “Run fast, Drive slow”, which requires intelligent and healthy personnel. We have a unique method of hiring college track athletes who not only love to run, but are also dependable and disciplined. Propark will actively recruit qualified staff as candidates for valet parking and shuttle employment at your property to maintain consistency with vehicle delivery in three minutes or less.



Hotel Bike gives hotel guests the opportunity to borrow a bicycle for their own personal use. Our fleet of Electra Amsterdam Classic city bikes provides a stable and true ride over asphalt, concrete and cobblestone. Each classiclooking bicycle will be branded on both basket and frame with the hotel logo.

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“At Propark, we believe that every customer is an opportunity for a perfect parking moment. My Propark Experience is an online guest satisfaction tool, which provides all customers with the opportunity to instantly rate their parking experience. The feedback provides our managers with important tools for guest service recovery and employee recognition.”

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