Propark: A “LEED”er in the Parking Industry

Propark is not your average parking management company.  We differentiate ourselves from other companies in a variety of meaningful ways. 

We pride ourselves, first and foremost, on our Parking People.  Our highly trained staff delivers high-end, hotel quality service standards across the country, through the guidance of our proprietary Propark THINK training program.

We also pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial approach to management.  We take an ownership approach to the assets entrusted to our care, and the result is a personalized premium parking management program, with a focus on an enhanced bottom line, driven by revenue creation.

We pride ourselves on being a technology leader in parking and transportation.  We are revolutionizing the remote parking management model through our Cloudpark Remote Management Center, and optimizing shuttle fleets across the country by using advanced GPS and diagnostics systems.

But perhaps we pride ourselves most on helping to shape the sustainability movement in parking.  Our CEO, John Schmid, created the Green Parking Council (GPC), which set the sustainable standard within the industry.  We united the industry for common good; and the resulting Green Garage Certification was brought under the LEED umbrella by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). 

Propark was recently recognized by the USGBC’s new transportation report, for our LEED Certified Gold Canopy Airport Parking location in Denver, Colorado.  We are honored to be recognized alongside so many other worthwhile and impactful projects and sustainable initiatives.  Park On!


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