January 26, 2016

We’ve incorporated various platforms such as PARIS, Geneva, ParkTrove, and our very own Propark Cloud which enables Propark to monitor historical profit and loss income, billing and revenue analysis.  Our platform allows our clients 360 access to on-demand, real time reporting so that you can stay on top of your asset’s financial performance.



To make the Propark experience stand out, we provide a unique package of amenity services to create a premium parking experience for every guest. While you’re away, we provide services such as windshield replacement, tire inflation, and car wash and detailing services to make your car look and run like new. Some locations incorporate green initiatives such as free electric vehicle charging stations, a bicycle lending program and recycling stations around the garage.



We intuitively understand that we represent the primary properties that we support.  We look at our role as much more than parking cars; we provide a service to the public, and in some cases a guest amenity.  It is important to us that we promote friendly interactions with your guests and creatively anticipate their needs.  Our model of parking management is derived from a Five-Star hotel service delivery model.  Doors are opened for guests, assistance with packages or bags is provided and any inquiries are addressed by our knowledgeable...



Propark will adapt marketing strategies to promote your property and make sure that spaces are filled. In addition to “old school” techniques, Propark also leverages the web and mobile platforms to the advantage of our managed assets.  Our goal is to make your parking property easy to find through targeted search and social campaigns, and inclusion in the leading parking mobile apps.  Our marketing plans include detailed milestones and deliverable timetables.  We analyze the marketing analytics and key performance indicators and adapt our strategy accordingly to ensure that marketing...



Propark uses systems that allow us to easily track and account for your revenue.  We have experience in the implementation and ongoing operation of all major parking access and revenue control systems and leverage the capabilities of this technology to ensure that every dollar is accounted for.  We place a heavy emphasis on credit card acceptance and mobile payment processing for customer convenience and a clear audit trail.  Additionally, our Command Center virtual parking management platform employs technology that results in enhanced revenue control and audit capabilities.  Our in-house...



Accidents happen from time to time.  Propark’s ongoing training helps to minimize these unfortunate occurrences.  Additionally, we conduct comprehensive damage checks on all incoming vehicles at valet locations and where applicable, we rely on archived video footage to substantiate or refute alleged damage.  In instances where Propark is liable for vehicle damage, our in-house risk management professionals utilize decades of experience to ensure that reimbursement is fair by  eliminating repair and body shop estimate inflation, saving money for our clients.



Consistency with excellent service is key to providing each guest with a premium parking experience. In order to ensure great service, all employees go through a rigorous training program.  This training process provides our employees with the necessary tools and know-how to provide the premium service experience that Propark is renowned for.  Our ongoing training seminars and online repository help to develop our employees as the parking landscape shifts and evolves.  Our “Train the Trainer” program ensures that our exacting guest service standards and operational processes are deployed in...



April 12, 2016

Propark is the technology leader in the parking world. We understand that the parking transaction of tomorrow will be different than it is today, so we ensure that we utilize the latest parking technology to add convenience for our guests and to provide transparent information in real-time to our clients.