Sustainability 2019 Draft 2

Driving the future of sustainability.

Propark focuses on sustainable best parking management practices in our everyday operations.

  • Upon realizing that we could affect the industry as a whole, Propark’s CEO, John Schmid, founded the Green Parking Council, now known as Parksmart, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the sustainable certification of parking facilities. Parksmart is now the standard-bearing for sustainable certification in the parking world with its Certified Green Garage rating system.
  • Designed with BMW Group’s Designworks, our Juice Bars offer premium, innovative and customizable charging stations.
  • We seek to integrate electric vehicle charging stations at our locations, provide complimentary tire inflation stations, utilize CNG shuttle buses at our near-airport facilities, and provide our signature “Green Garage Oasis” sustainability package to our clients.

Propark’s Carma philosophy focuses on doing right by those we serve, whether it is our clients, our guests, or our employees. Propark is a firm believer that “People, Parking, Profit” is the new triple bottom line.