Creating a Luxury Hotel Experience to Drive Business

Written by Betsy Marone | November 11, 2021

While the hospitality industry was strongly impacted by the pandemic, it is starting to regain traction as it adjusts to meet the new expectations and needs of guests. With these changes to the tourism industry underway, it’s crucial for hotels to tailor their services to meet the needs of the post-pandemic guest.

Recent reports noted that tourists are increasingly attracted to luxury hotels. Therefore, to attract new guests, it’s beneficial to concentrate on elevating your status as a luxury operation by enhancing every aspect of the guest journey, including parking.

Throughout this blog, we’ll take a closer look at how a parking vendor like Propark Mobility can help enhance the guest experience, add to the luxury feel of your hotel, and drive business with potential and returning guests.

Why Are Guests Choosing Luxury Over Economy?

According to the latest STR reports, guests are choosing luxury over economy because they equate the high-end facilities with enhanced cleanliness standards. While tourism business has increased, it has not returned to pre-pandemic levels. Therefore, in order to capitalize on the renewed traffic, adding to your profile as a high-quality establishment with integrated services, like an upscale parking operation, is beneficial.

Leaders in Luxury Experiences

At Propark, we understand that quality customer service is the best predictor of revenue. Excellent customer service is more important than ever, as staffing issues and pandemic shortages have the potential to cause disruptions in daily activities. To offer exceptional customer service, we invest in the training of our parking attendants and valets. Taught by luxury hotel professionals, our team members take comprehensive courses on everything from arrival and departure procedures to proper organization and customer service practices, ensuring your guests are met by the best.

In addition to training our team, our luxury hotel experts are directly involved in the creation and implementation of Propark services that enhance guest experiences. They design customer service scripts for onsite and offsite team members, creating a consistent guest experience that meets your company’s brand standards.

Enhanced Safety Standards for High-End Service

Because guests equate luxury hotels with enhanced safety, advertising safety protocols at every step of the guest journey is critical to a high-end experience. Propark helps reassure guests of their safety on your property by utilizing clear signage detailing our safety procedures at all entry points and high-visibility areas. This is just one aspect of our multifaceted Certified CleanCo program, which was created to keep your guests safe while constantly maintaining clean and safe parking facilities. We understand that communicating our cleanliness standards to the guest is just as important as delivering them.

Our CleanCo Program Includes:

  • Enhanced sanitizing protocols
  • High-tech, low-touch customer service
  • Constant use of hand sanitizer and gloves
  • Single-use steering wheel covers, floor mats, and seat covers to limit contamination risks during valet service

Technology for a Touchless Experience

Over the last few years, touchless technology has quickly evolved to meet the new expectations of safety-minded customers and clients.

Propark remains on the cutting edge of new technology trends and, as a result, utilizes touchless valet technology to enhance the guest experience. Offering guests the ability to request their vehicle via text message reduces person-to-person contact and reinforces the quality of your hotel.

Partner With Propark Mobility to Elevate Your Luxury Brand

As you reenergize the luxury experience at your hotel, Propark Mobility can assist in enhancing your services to continue attracting guests. With knowledgeable valets and parking attendants trained by luxury hotel professionals, we strive to offer the highest quality service for your guests. Additionally, by utilizing touchless systems and implementing our CleanCo Certified program, we ensure all guests feel confident in their safety from the moment they arrive on your property until the minute they leave.

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