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Analysts Having a Meeting at Propark | Parking Analytics and Technology

Enhanced Revenue

Propark’s in-house team of pricing analysts manage the day-to-day performance of both direct and third-party aggregators. Additionally, our specialists implement dynamic pricing strategies based on competitor rates, historical trends, and upcoming activity.

Cutting-Edge Technology

By leveraging the latest technology for our clients, we provide a higher level of service at a lower cost. Our custom-built parking access and revenue control systems seamlessly “click in” to our back-end systems, resulting in an intelligently-managed parking operation that proves more profitable.

Unique Parking Analytics

Our data analytics team analyzes KPIs through the lens of a parking operator, first and foremost, giving us truly unique insight. This allows us to make smart, data-driven decisions that maximize profitability, enhance service and improve our operations.

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Parking Kiosk

Touchless Technology

Increase Safety Standards

By implementing the latest PARCS technology, Propark Mobility reduces touchpoints throughout the customer journey to lower safety risks associated with person-to-person interactions.

Enhance Operation Efficiency

With options like License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology and Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) tags to track parkers, Propark protects the integrity of your revenue stream while increasing ingress and egress efficiency.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Because Propark’s touchless payment options increase the speed of transactions, cars spend less time dwelling upon entry and exit, ultimately reducing carbon emissions that would otherwise result from stall time.

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Commitment to Sustainability

Propark’s CARma philosophy focuses on doing right by those we serve, whether it is our clients, our guests or our employees. From that ethos, a seed was planted – a seed of environmental awareness in all that we do. Propark began to focus on sustainable best parking management practices in our everyday operations. Upon realizing that we could affect the industry as a whole, Propark’s CEO, John Schmid, founded the Green Parking Council. This later became Parksmart, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the sustainable certification of parking facilities. Parksmart is now the standard-bearing for sustainable certification in the parking world with its Certified Green Garage rating system.

We seek to integrate electric vehicle charging stations at our locations, offer complimentary tire inflation stations, utilize CNG shuttle buses at our near-airport facilities and provide our signature “Green Garage Oasis” sustainability package to our clients.

Propark is a firm believer that “People, Parking, Profit” is the new triple bottom line.

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Propark Mobility Parking Marketing Team | Propark Difference

Thorough Training

Our Parking People® are our most valuable resource. Because Propark is invested in the success and growth of each employee, we designed a comprehensive training program, entitled ProparkTHINK. Developed by a high-end hotel alumnus, this proprietary program offers expansive training and development opportunities, empowering our team in an intuitive, cloud-based learning environment.

Agency-Level Marketing

Our in-house team of marketing professionals provide specialized services that other parking companies simply cannot match. We don’t rely on agencies that charge exorbitant fees for their services and cater to a variety of industries. Our marketing professionals are Parking People®, who deliver exceptional results at a fraction of what outside agencies cost. We leverage the right marketing mix for each individual property to optimize demand generation.

Revenue Control and Auditing

We understand the importance of protecting your revenue. Our in-house accounting department accurately tracks your asset’s financial performance with complete transparency. Using the latest technology and parking access systems, we actively audit every account under our management to ensure that all best practices are followed and the potential for revenue loss is eliminated.

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Propark Mobility Corporate Team | Parking Consultants

Reliable Reputation Management

Online reputation is vital for all businesses – and parking is no different. Propark Mobility utilizes software that monitors the major customer review sites, with real-time notifications, so we can respond to guest feedback instantaneously. We use this feedback to address opportunities for process improvement in order to provide our guests with the best service delivery possible.

Proactive Risk Management

Safe moments in parking are a cornerstone of our operations, so our risk management team makes sure that our frontline staff is properly trained. We ensure that pre-existing damage is fully documented and that our professionals safely operate vehicles in tight quarters. Propark’s dedicated claims team responds to all claims within 48 hours, and our Cloudpark Command Center platform provides video archiving to protect you against fraudulent damage claims.

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