Transportation Demand Management

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Alternative Transportation Options to Transform Commutes


Crafted to support the use of alternative transportation methods, Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strives to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles. By facilitating micromobility initiatives and creating a system for multi-modal transportation – from ridesharing to biking – TDM fosters an environment that naturally encourages alternative options to driving through gamification.

Commuter Benefits

With commuter benefits being an essential part of a competitive benefits package, learn how to have your employees pay for commuting expenses with non-taxed dollars. Propark’s industry knowledge informs operations so your company and your employees enjoy the maximum benefits available.


With an array of mobility choices available, this Mobility as a Service (MaaS) system is customizable to meet customer needs. As a mobility service provider, Propark integrates, curates, and manages these different modes of transportation. We strive to create a superior mobility service that supports the replacement of individual car ownership with cost-effective mobility options.

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Curbside Pickup for Convenient Transportation


Company ridesharing programs offer a host of benefits, from individual financial savings to decreased gas emissions. Through Propark’s carpool program, employees from a singular geographical area can coordinate a shared commute to and from work. Propark matches employees with coworkers living in their area, assists in identifying a driver for the commuting group, and helps coordinate communication within the program.


With Propark’s vanpools, five to seven employees from the same area can coordinate a commute to and from work in a large capacity van. Propark assigns a vehicle to an employee, who serves as the driver, and assists in facilitating group communication.

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