Certified CleanCo

Enhanced cleanliness standards designed to minimize risk and increase safety.

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The Propark Pledge

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Safeguard our customers, staff, and clients.

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Keep our facilities clean and sanitized.

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High tech, low touch customer service.

Photo of Certified CleanCo

Green-minded for a healthier parking facility.

Certified CleanCo Facility

Introducing enhanced cleanliness standards designed to minimize risk and increase safety for our customers and team members. While both interacting with our visitors and operating their vehicles, it’s important that we not only maintain proper cleanliness standards, but are clearly communicating that to the visitor.

Features of CleanCo

Enhanced Cleaning

Increased frequency of sanitizing high-touch areas and keys. Applying hand sanitizer and/or putting on gloves in clear sight of approaching customers. We’re also offering single-use steering wheel covers, seat covers, and floor mats to further your customers’ safety.

Signage Package

Assuring your customers that they are entering a clean parking zone is important. Signage will be placed in high-visibility areas communicating the steps being taken to ensure that health and wellness is our main concern.

Touchless Experience

A seamless, mobile-based interaction that occurs without person-to-person contact. Mobile payment solutions are available to create a trustworthy and first-class service experience through a ticketless and touchless platform.

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