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Bike Rental

Bike rentals promote an environmentally friendly campus by offering employees convenient and accessible options for alternative transportation.

EV Charging

Convenient EV charging stations contribute to comprehensive employee support by simplifying commutes and promoting energy-efficient transportation.

Parking Management

Propark’s parking management services include customized plans that optimize campus space, enhance company operations, and ensure a positive employee experience.

Scooter Rental

Propark scooter rentals expand alternative transportation offerings for employees, providing easy and flexible on-campus travel that fits their schedules and meets their needs.


Fixed-route shuttles simplify on-campus transportation to streamline travel, increase efficiency, and connect employees.


Unlike other valet parking companies, we have knowledgeable luxury hotel professionals who train our team to view their roles from a guest’s perspective, giving them the ability to anticipate needs and provide first-class service.

Campus Mobility Management

Your Campus is a community landmark. We believe your Parking, Mobility, Transportation, and Alternative Transportation Programs should reflect and support that image.

A premium Corporate Campus or University deserves a premium Commuter Experience. Our planning process is systematic and methodical. Propark uses a comprehensive TDM approach to ensure we put in place the most cost effective and impactful programs to achieve your mode split goals and boost commuter satisfaction.

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