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Enhance the Workplace with Additional Services

Lobby Ambassador

Whether offering a warm welcome or providing wayfinding assistance, lobby ambassadors contribute to overall employee satisfaction. In this position, Propark’s experienced employees can enrich the workplace experience and keep your operation thriving.

Urban Planning Consulting

Specializing in market research and data analysis, Propark develops a comprehensive strategy to bring your vision to life. From environmental sustainability to economic growth, our experts deliver the ideal plan for any location.



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Health Screen Attendant

Propark recognizes the importance of easing employees’ safety concerns. By stationing health screen attendants throughout your campus or building, we contribute to employees’ well-being by checking temperatures and maintaining a healthy work environment.

Employee Badge Administration

Utilizing the latest technology, Propark optimizes facility management at your location. In addition to strengthening your security framework, we assist with task management and asset tracking to ensure your operation runs smoothly.

Parklet Consulting

Propark can expand your workable space by leveraging our expertise to transform curbside areas into thriving parklets. By reimagining your outdoor space, we help you cultivate an enhanced workplace environment for employees.

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