Commuter Transport

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Transportation Solutions for Convenient Commutes

Commuter Shuttles

Propark’s fixed-route shuttles fill the gaps left by public transportation. Similar to public buses, our shuttles operate on a set schedule and follow a designated route with customizable pickup and drop-off areas. Equipped with Wi-Fi and bike racks, each shuttle offers employees exclusivity, privacy, and peace of mind along their route.

First & Last Mile

Our shuttles simplify the employee commute. Bridging the first or final mile, they create a connection to and from areas with high-volume transit hubs or significant pedestrian traffic.

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Efficient Options for Campus Traveling

On-Demand Shuttles

Propark’s on-demand shuttles offer employees flexibility and convenience. Operating within a fixed, predetermined geographical area, they help employees reach their destinations as efficiently as possible.

Expert Shuttle Drivers

We ensure each campus employee enjoys a premium shuttle experience. Propark’s shuttles are operated by expertly trained drivers, who undergo rigorous screening and road-test certification in order to provide the highest quality service.

Campus Connector

Connector shuttles streamline employee travel. With direct route transport to and from set destinations or public transport hubs, these shuttles offer employees a seamless trip, from their first mile to their last.

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