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Electrification Program Opportunities

EV adoption and implementation in California is amongst the highest in the nation and further concentrated at tech campuses and distributed offices. Recognizing this, we have created a turn-key program with dedicated onsite personnel to optimize network reliability, map out future needs, and offer a dedicated team to manage ongoing maintenance in real-time.

A great experience is a seamless one and employee charging demands higher standards in overall system reliability, data reporting, and communications because all are key to employee satisfaction.

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Program Management

Photo of Mobility Electrification

Electrification Partner

Photo of Mobility Electrification

Communications Manager

Photo of Mobility Electrification

Certified Technician

Full End-to-End Management of Your Electrification Program

  • Dedicated electrification partner
  • Program communications management
  • Dedicated certified technicians
  • Charging network consulting
  • Charging network monitoring
  • Charging network implementation mapping
  • Hardware installation
  • Site survey and analysis
  • On-site maintenance program
  • Full service management
  • Low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS) administration
  • Charger agnostic

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Electrification Partner

A dedicated senior manager is responsible for the electrification program, at the direction of the parking and TDM manager and in direct support of planning, implementation strategy, and ongoing EV network management nationwide.

LCFS Administration

A low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS) is a rule enacted to reduce carbon intensity in transportation fuels as compared to conventional petroleum fuels, such as gasoline and diesel. The most common low-carbon fuels are alternative fuels and cleaner fossil fuels, such as natural gas (CNG and LPG).

Communications Management

A communications manager will continue to be the liaison between transportation and the employee, focused on customer service and the overall user experience on campus. We can also place a QR on each station that links back to Google Hangouts, creating a familiar and user friendly experience for employees.

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Project Management

Propark Mobility will manage, complete projects, and meet strategic objectives working closely with workplace transportation teams to directly support planning, implementation strategy, and ongoing EV network deployments nationwide.

Certified Technicians

We will have two certified electricians/electric charger technicians within each region to ensure quick response time to immediate service needs and repairs. In addition to remote system monitoring, our technicians will also complete proactive hardware inspections on a regular basis so that we optimize system reliability in every way, creating a better user experience.

Maintenance Program

Propark Mobility offers a full service maintenance program, which includes real-time system monitoring, on-demand technician deployments, regularly scheduled service, installation, and repairs.

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