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Micromobility Options for Every Trip


In the past year alone, hundreds of thousands of electric scooters were deployed in more than 150 cities. These scooters have proven so popular that their adoption rate eclipsed the early adoption of rideshare and bikeshare services.

Moped Scooter

To reduce car use and decrease carbon emissions, Propark offers moped scooters among its array of micromobility options. Ideal for trips under five miles, moped scooters provide safe and sustainable transportation.


Propark’s Commuter Bike Lending Program aims to increase the percentage of people who commute to work on bicycles. Through this, we limit the number of single occupancy vehicles to conserve campus space and benefit the environment.

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Mobility at the Micro Level


For employees interested in commuting to work by bicycle, Propark offers an e-bike program. In lieu of committing to a bicycle commute four days per week, employees – who may live farther from campus – can transition to cycling easily.

Micro Valet

Like Propark’s traditional valet services for single occupancy vehicles, our micro valet streamlines the entry and exit process for micromobility users, providing seamless and efficient service.

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