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How Remote Parking Management Enhances Customer Service in a Contactless World

In the not-so-distant past, customer service was fairly straightforward: When questions or issues arose, your employees were onsite to provide answers or solutions, instantly clearing up any miscommunication on the spot. In your parking lots and garages, this meant having employees present to assist parkers and maintain equipment to keep operations running smoothly.

Today, with enhanced safety precautions and the rise in contactless service, face-to-face interactions have dwindled, complicating direct customer service. This can lead to disgruntled parkers and malfunctioning equipment that slows down your operations. As a result, putting in place technology that makes employees readily available, even while at a distance, is important. How do you do this? With a remote management setup, like Propark’s Cloudpark Remote Management Center.

In this post, we’ll discuss why remote parking management is more important than ever and outline the distinguishing factors to look for when selecting the right system for your parking operation.


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What is remote parking management?

Remote parking management is a cost-effective system that significantly reduces payroll, supplementing on-site employees with offsite customer service attendants who are available at the push of a button. With the help of camera systems and in-garage intercom communications, these remote employees can offer personalized customer service 24/7 and monitor Parking Access Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) equipment.


How can remote parking management enhance customer service?

The world has transitioned to a new normal: more people work from home, order everything from groceries to retail online, and pay closer attention to their use of public spaces. Now, parkers are looking to interact with technology instead of employees and digitizing your parking operation has become crucial.

However, maintaining a human component to your high-tech parking experience is also important because nearly 80% of American consumers consider knowledgeable help and friendly service, as well as speed and convenience, among the most important elements of their experience.

Enter remote parking management and command centers. With highly trained offsite employees, command centers help you meet parkers’ technology expectations – like low-touch payment options – while ensuring they have 24/7 support if they need it.

Additionally, command centers’ remote parking management systems provide constant monitoring of your PARCS equipment to address issues quickly and minimize disruption to your parker’s experience.


What to Look for in Remote Parking Management Services

Constant Access to Knowledgeable Customer Ambassadors

When it comes to remote customer service, it’s not enough to simply have someone on the other end of the line; you need someone who knows the unique needs of your location and can provide comprehensive support on the spot.

With calls answered in under 10 seconds, Propark Mobility’s Cloudpark Remote Management Center can provide your parkers with direct, uninterrupted access to live customer ambassadors. Considering a 2020 Zendesk report found that nearly 60% of customers find long holds and wait times the most frustrating parts of a service experience, this speed can prove crucial to the overall satisfaction of your parkers.

Additionally, high-resolution cameras ensure Cloudpark customer ambassadors consistently have eyes on your operation while in-garage intercom communications connect them clearly with your parkers 24/7.


Consistent, Reliable Communication

Whether they interact with a team member onsite or remotely, you want every parker to have a high-quality experience each time they come to your location. The key to that is reliable service and consistent communication across the board.

Cloudpark recognizes the importance of this and ensures customer ambassadors are equipped with the training and knowledge necessary to provide the best support for your parkers.

In addition to completing our comprehensive Propark Think™ training program, Cloudpark customer ambassadors utilize scripts that are customized for your location. Based on the unique needs of your operation, as well as your brand standards, these scripts remove variability in responses and ensure our ambassadors provide the same effective and efficient service to all customers.


Proactive Service Recovery

Did you know that 78% of consumers will do business with a company again after a mistake, as long as they received excellent customer service? Of course, the goal is to provide a hassle-free experience the first time. But, as we learned in 2020, things happen, and our success lays in our adaptability.

Cloudpark believes the best customer service is proactive rather than reactive. As a result, we implement technology that sends our team real-time alerts on dwell time, equipment malfunctions, and any outlying triggers, so they can proactively perform immediate service recovery and limit potential disruptions to the customer experience.

Additionally, Cloudpark has the internal capabilities to analyze customer emotions, giving us insight into potential areas for enhancement before problems arise. With a combination of technology and knowledgeable customer ambassadors, your business will run smoothly and effectively, increasing the likelihood customers will return to your facility in the future.

In an age of contactless service, remote parking management is more important than ever. When searching for the right system for you, consider the Cloudpark Remote Management Center difference: readily available and knowledgeable customer ambassadors, consistent and reliable communication, and unmatched proactive service recovery.

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