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Three Reasons to Choose a Command Center Over a Call Center

In the world of parking, the terms “call center” and “command center” can often sound interchangeable. While both serve to provide remote customer support at cost-effective pricing, their offerings vastly differ and, ultimately, provide varying qualities of customer service. When deciding on the right fit for your parking operation, there are three main reasons to consider a command center over a call center. Read on to see how a reduction in payroll costs doesn’t have to mean a reduction in customer satisfaction.


Reliable Customer Service

To provide quality customer service in person, onsite employees must be knowledgeable about your operation and equipped with the tools required to meet customers’ needs. The same should be true of remote employees; however, call centers, possess a limited scope of services. Often staffed by a third-party company, their employees have minimal background knowledge of your operation.

With a command center like Cloudpark Remote Management System, a team of live customer ambassadors – employed by Propark Mobility – are well-versed in your location’s unique needs and interact with customers using scripts customized to meet your brand standards. In addition to being an extension of your onsite customer service, our team also utilizes the latest technology to provide in-depth analytics that work to further strengthen operations.


Unparalleled Data Insight

These analytics, when compared to data collected by call centers, can offer a more well-rounded understanding of your business. While call centers can provide information about calls placed – such as the total number, their timing, and their frequency – a command center’s technology collects data on wide-ranging components, ultimately providing more comprehensive insight into your operation.

With complete visibility into aspects of your business including, but not limited to, monthly parker usage, transaction records, rate integrity, call volume, call type, and ingress and egress activity, Cloudpark’s data can inform your decisions and help your operation run efficiently and profitably. Additionally, our Cloudpark analysts compare incoming activity with historical data to detect potential anomalies in real time, troubleshooting solutions to ensure no revenue is lost.


Seamless Technology Integration

A key component to the collection of this valuable information is your Parking Access Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) equipment. Oftentimes, call centers don’t have the capability to work within your existing systems; instead, they function independently from the rest of your operation, which can increase the potential for costly disconnects.

Cloudpark integrates with major PARCS providers, including TIBA, WPS, SKIDATA, Amano, and netPark. Combined with the attention and support of our in-house network of engineers, this enables our command center to not only set you up for success from day one, but also provide real-time remote solutions if equipment malfunctions. By supplementing your onsite staff with the Cloudpark team, you can ensure customers have a seamless experience at your location.

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