How to Ensure Tenant Satisfaction with Touchless Technology in Your Parking Operation

Touchless technologyWhile touchless technology was on the rise prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, it became indispensable amidst social distancing and increased safety protocols. For Class A office buildings facing the “Great Return,” this has resulted in new technological investments that reduce communal touchpoints and instill a sense of safety in tenants. Adapting to a new normal, selecting third-party vendors who can meet these higher standards has become vital.

Because the first impression of your building typically begins in the parking garage, including high-tech equipment can build tenants’ confidence in your safety efforts and, ultimately, lead to overall satisfaction. Here, we’ll discuss three touchless technology options a parking provider like Propark Mobility can implement at your Class A office building to bolster tenant satisfaction and enhance your parking operations.


Touchless Technology to Implement in Your Parking Operation

Wave-for-Ticket Entry Terminals to Reduce Touchpoints

In a recent BOMA International publication, one contributor stated: “We rely on design and physical cues to gauge our trust of the building and its management.” To this end, including touchless technology during an individual’s first interaction with your building can spark feelings of safety and trust, beginning a positive experience.

One way to do this is with a touchless entry and exit process in your parking garage. Instead of activating with the push of a button, Propark’s wave-for-ticket entry terminals utilize motion sensors to produce a ticket for individuals entering your parking facility. Through the simple act of eliminating this initial physical touchpoint, you can ease tenants’ and visitors’ safety concerns and ensure their journey through your building begins on a positive note.


License Plate Recognition for Safety and Satisfaction

Another opportunity to eliminate touchpoints and increase tenant satisfaction is with the installation of License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology in your garage. Without the need to interact with terminals upon entry and exit, employees can feel an increased sense of safety while also experiencing a simpler, more seamless daily commute.

In addition to its front-facing benefits, LPR can reduce carbon emissions and prove beneficial for your back-end systems. From arrival and departure times to traffic patterns, this technology collects vital data to provide valuable insight and inform your building decisions. It also strengthens security, decreasing fraud attempts and even creating a blacklist of license plates, if necessary, to ensure tenant safety.


Cloudpark Remote Management System for Contactless Service

For further COVID safety, Propark Mobility offers our Cloudpark Remote Management System. With a live team of customer ambassadors, who are knowledgeable about your facility and available around the clock, our command center provides quality service without in-person interactions. Limiting these one-on-one experiences can ease employee and visitor safety concerns without sacrificing high-quality customer service.

Designed to integrate with your PARCS equipment, Cloudpark provides customized reporting and comprehensive analytics, offering insight into everything from monthly parker usage and transaction records to rate integrity and call volume. So, while offering remote customer service to enhance your tenants’ safety experiences, our Cloudpark Remote Management System can benefit your business in numerous ways.

At Propark Mobility, we recognize the latest challenges facing tenant satisfaction in Class A office buildings. We strive to help instill a sense of safety and confidence in management by implementing touchless technology and contactless service options like wave-for-ticket entry terminals, License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, and our Cloudpark Remote Management System.

To learn how Propark Mobility’s touchless solutions can contribute to tenant satisfaction at your Class A office building, contact us today by filling out the form below.

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