Propark Implemented Cloudpark Command Remote Management to Lead Major Revenue Increase

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The Challenge

Nestled in the heart of picturesque Montclair, NJ, Valley & Bloom boasts vibrant, contemporary living spaces in a historic neighborhood. Upon opening, this luxury complex had two residents in a building that featured 265 residential units and nine retail units. In 2015, Propark was selected to operate the garage and set out to drive profitability for the newly opened building.

The Solution

To control labor expenses, Propark augmented lean onsite staffing with our command center, Cloudpark Command. With this remote management in place, we processed payments, vended gates, and provided a high level of guest service delivery through two-way intercoms. Propark also offered attractive monthly parking rates for area businesses and up to two free months of parking for new residents. We employed a variety of creative digital marketing strategies to bring in car dealership storage inventory, as well as winter storage for the general public. We also partnered with Parkwhiz to sell area event parking through Live Nation’s ticketing platform.

The Result

Propark’s impact was significant. As the building matured to occupancy, we filled the garage and increased revenue by over 50% thereafter. From 2016 to 2017 alone, Propark drove a substantial increase in revenue of 54%, while reducing labor costs by employing our remote management model. Additionally, we worked hand-in-hand with the township to establish and maintain street ordinances that cleared the adjacent street, driving traffic to the garage and providing a safer experience for parkers exiting the property.

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