Lightning Pay Introduces $2,000+ Monthly Revenue with Real-Time Rate Adjustment

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The Challenge

A 30-space parking lot, located across the street from MGM Springfield, served tenants of a small office complex during business hours. Locked down during the evenings, the lot sat vacant while the casino yielded a substantial amount of evening visitors, who sought parking outside the congested casino garages. Propark Mobility recognized an opportunity to help the complex’s owner tap into this consumer demand without altering their existing operation, adding onsite personnel, or installing expensive Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) equipment.

The Solution

Propark approached the complex’s owner to propose the implementation of Lightning Pay, the company’s proprietary mobile payment system. Utilizing parking lot signage that displays clear directions and a QR code, the system allows parkers to pay directly from their phones through a secure mobile payment site. To competitively price the parking lot, Propark employed yield management strategies, analyzing local events to adjust pricing dynamically based on consumer demand. The QR-code-based system enabled Propark to adjust rates remotely and instantaneously, ensuring the lot remained competitive with adjacent parking operations during popular casino events.

The Result

With the implementation of Lightning Pay, Propark transformed the client’s small parking lot into a lucrative revenue stream, generating $2,000 per month without the need for onsite personnel or the installation of PARCS equipment. The remote operation capability of the system emerged as a key advantage, allowing Propark to stay responsive to consumer needs and market dynamics. By adjusting pricing in real-time, Propark quickly adapted, capitalized on the casino’s peak demand periods, and maximized revenue for the client without requiring additional efforts or expenses.

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