Celebrating Our Parking People on Employee Appreciation Day

Published March 4, 2021

While March 5, 2021 marks National Employee Appreciation Day, Propark Mobility strives to foster a company culture of employee appreciation year round. As firm believers that team members thrive when they feel a sense of safety and belonging, Propark actively works to cultivate an environment that values progress over perfection and recognizes every individual for their contributions to our company. Since Propark’s inception 37 years ago, our employees have developed deep social bonds that have resulted in strong teamwork, especially during the past year with so many unknowns.

“I am extremely proud of my team for the work they have done, the solutions they have found, and the empathy they have shown in a time of such unprecedented challenges,” said John Schmid, Propark CEO.

To show our appreciation for the incredible work Propark employees do, we have introduced our Circle of Excellence program. Highlighting our parking rock stars and outstanding leaders each month, we strive to honor our team and cultivate an engaging, productive, and happy workplace.

Every Propark employee is eligible to be nominated for Rock Star of the Month, which is awarded to those who have demonstrated outstanding service or accomplishments with customers, clients, team members, projects, or programs. Additionally, members of Propark management can be nominated for Leader of the Month, which is awarded to a manager who has demonstrated outstanding leadership with a team, project, or program.

Each month, we receive numerous Circle of Excellence nominations, from coast-to-coast, for team members in the field and those in our corporate offices. With this peer-to-peer recognition, we honor top performers, team collaborations, and major milestones to ensure our Parking People know their hard work is seen and appreciated by the entire company.

“Our team members are the heart of our organization,” Schmid remarked. “We strive to empower them to share their ideas, find solutions, and focus on possibilities rather than perceived limits. They are the face of our company, help create our culture, and support the growth of our business.”

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