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Mobility Transportation and Sustainable Solutions | Propark Mobility

End-to-End Mobility Solutions for a Changing World

Propark Mobility has managed mobility transportation and helped communities and campuses across the country realize the environmental benefits associated with smart transportation and sustainable initiatives. Our experts utilize the latest technology to offer commuters easy, efficient options that increase productivity. From apps that assist in finding open parking spaces and ride share providers to our micro-mobility offerings and public transit options, we help you stay at the forefront of mobility.

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Hotel Bike Program | Mobility Transportation

Mobility Transportation Marketing for a Greener Footprint

At Propark, we are rooted in sustainability and aim to do everything possible to make our planet a cleaner, healthier place. With our experience in marketing alternative transportation programs, we can help diversify your array of offerings and increase customer engagement with each mode. Whether you choose bike lending, scooter rentals or valet, Propark specializes in educating and informing your commuters by customizing community pages, in addition to providing in-app marketing and push notifications.

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Carpool & Vanpool Programs

A carpool or vanpool is a great and cost-effective way to decrease the rate of single occupant vehicles and promote sustainability. The app makes scheduling your commute easy and pairs you with coworkers and neighbors to determine the smartest, most efficient routes to work, school and home. The 24-hour Guaranteed Ride Home service is built into the app for peace of mind, 365 days a year.

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Stack Parking Valet Services | Propark Mobility

Optimize Your Parking with Stack Park Valet Service

Propark Mobility can increase your current vehicle capacity by up to 70% with our valet-assist or stack park valet service. We use the most reliable ticketless valet-ware technology to ensure every movement is tracked, service level agreements are met and our customers are updated with real-time data.

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Mobility Case Studies

Find out how we can enhance your parking facility with mobility