Photo of Awlachew GebreMichael

Awlachew GebreMichael

East Coast Rock Star of the Month | April 2021

Longfellow Place


Awlachewis our greeter/attendant in the morning at the Longfellow Place Garage. His duties each day involve greeting arriving parkers. Directing them to the appropriate are of the garage where space is available, controlling arriving and departing traffic, and jumping in at the exit lanes if there appears to be a delay in the queue line. The Longfellow garage is in a unique part of the City, adjacent to Mass General Hospital, and has been one of the few sites we operate that has been at capacity (weekdays) since mid-summer. With all ofthe volume we have coming and going Awlachewis pretty busy and always on his feet -that does not stop this Rock Star from going above and beyond whenever needed!

For this recommendation I am attaching two photos of Awlachew, taken by our Regional Manager Franklin Marcelino, while he was helping an elderly patient find and get into her car. This is normal everyday task for Awlachew-Just part of the job. All I can say is well done and Thank you!!

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Submitted by Sean Lampert