Photo of Carla Martinez

Carla Martinez

West Coast Leader of the Month | June 2021

Area Manager | Los Angeles, CA

Carla Martinez is a strong leader here in the Southwest. She possesses great leadership skills day in and day out. Through the pandemic and now navigating out of the pandemic, Carla has shown the willingness and the ability to ensure her locations are running smoothly and effectively. With reduction in staff, Carla has taken the time to identify members of her team that can be helpful to assist in running her locations and develop them to become our next potential leaders. Tasks that were issued out to her team have proved to be valuable as information coming in timely everyday assists us in making day to day financial decisions.

In recent months we were faced with the task of installing new PARCS equipment that we were not familiar with. This proved a little challenging with issues we were faced with that needed extra time and attention and perseverance to get through it. Carla immediately stepped up to learn the equipment, address the issues and develop relationships with the vendor that assisted us in ensuring we had the right support and if we didn’t have the support, she was a quick study to figure it out on her own. Carla was instrumental, and continues to be to, in ensuring we are on the right track with the equipment and if any issues arise that she and her team are on top of it so that Propark is minimizing downtime with equipment malfunctions. This is extremely important because these locations are leases for Propark where revenue directly impacts our bottom line.

Also, in recent months as CloudPark has rolled out their new Pay in Lane feature, Carla brought up the idea to use this feature at locations that did not have equipment. She thought, why not use this type of feature (where we can take payments outside of having equipment by just scanning a code to make a payment) at locations where we are short of staff and people were parking for free outside of times were not on-site. This is now being implemented at this site!

I could go on and on about Carla but she truly is instrumental in the successes we are achieving here in the Southwest. I can always depend on Carla to execute on tasks that are assigned to her, including special projects. Just a few weeks ago we had a last-minute request for a valet event on a weekend. She immediately scouted the location, identified the staff to work, met with the client to ensure we understood their needs and executed the event perfectly, including working the event herself that Saturday. When Carla is on the project, I have no doubt it will be successful!

Her experience and knowledge are proof she has the qualities of a great leader. Her positivity and upbeat personality with her staff, clients, vendors and fellow leaders leads to her and our success here at Propark. We value her and are very fortunate to have her on our team!


Submitted by Honor Miele