Photo of Djamel Ghili

Djamel Ghili

East Coast Leader of the Month | February 2021

Area Manager
Charles Hotel Garage/Smith Center Garage/ Church Street Lot

Djamel has grown with the Region and in addition to his oversight of the Charles Hotel Garage also oversees our Harvard University facilities: the Smith Center Garage and Church Street Lot. Djamel has always taken great of pride in his facilities, heading up the Green Garage Certification process for the Charles back in 2015, which was a huge undertaking. Djamel’s efforts at the time resulted in Propark and the garage being recognized at the annual IPI conference in Las Vegas in June of that year.

Fast forward to 2020 and the current pandemic, which saw labor reduced across the board at our facilities. The first employees to be let go were our maintenance staff at all sites. At the Charles staffing was reduced to a single employee per shift covering front door valet services, self parking, and maintenance duties. At the Smith Center and Church Street facilities all employees were removed and the facilities converted to fully remote, resulting in no staff.

As can be expected maintenance at all sites in our region has suffered and our garages are not as clean as they used to be – that is with the exception of Djamel’s facilities!

I recently toured all three sites in order to gauge business levels and was blown away by the cleanliness of the Charles Hotel Garage and very impressed with the upkeep at both Harvard sites. With the skeleton crew he has Djamel has dug deep and done a phenominal job of maintaining Propark’s first in class standards. His dedication to making Propark look good is unmatched in this regard and he absolutely deserves to have his efforts and oversight recognized!


Submitted by Sean Lampert