Photo of Eileen O’Connor

Eileen O’Connor

East Coast Leader of the Month | June 2021

Executive Assistant to CEO
Hartford, CT

Eileen’s position presents unique challenges.  Amidst those challenges and intense workload, she always demonstrates leadership, poise and professionalism in every situation.  ​

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Eileen on several projects over the years.  Most recently, Eileen stepped in to take the lead on our Employee Morale Initiative Team.  Without blinking an eye, Eileen took the reigns, organized the workflow, scheduled and led each meeting with great success. She continues to hold the team accountable for deliverables in a supportive, encouraging way that is appreciated and respected.  Her everyday responsibilities are in a supportive role, however I have seen her tremendous leadership abilities shine as the leader of this initiative team.  ​

Eileen also plays a vital role in every event, meeting and summit that occurs.  She coordinates logistics, deliveries, schedules, vendors, reservations, etc. with apparent ease.  She is results oriented and highly efficient.  Best of all, her calm demeanor, positive attitude and comedic timing make us all happy to have her on our team (or leading it)!

​Submitted by Dee Gore