Photo of Jeff Crumer

Jeff Crumer

East Coast Rock Star of the Month | September 2021

Valet Attendant
LeMeridien St. Louis

Although Jeff is new to Propark he has shown himself to be a Rockstar. We began providing valet service at the LeMeridien St. Louis on August 13th. Jeff was the very first person that we hired and he accepted the dreaded 5:00 am shift Thursday through Monday. Although Jeff didn’t have valet or bell experience we knew he would do well based on his personality and attitude. On his very first shift Jeff proved us correct. He watched the FlashValet video, took notes and then showed us features of the system that we were not aware of, he picked up quickly on the valet procedures, and then made every customer feel welcomed as they entered the hotel.

Jeff’s Rockstar attitude really came through in the coming days. We initially hired 8 employees and after the first 3 days we had lost half of the staff including the 2 people that were hired to work the morning shifts. Although Jeff had a second job he raised his hand and accepted every open shift. He has only had 1 day off since. He is now training all of the new hires on all of the systems and procedures we have in place at the hotel.

Jeff has kept us afloat at the LeMeridien which has allowed me the opportunity to interview and continue managing the two garages in St. Louis. He is a true Rockstar.


Submitted by Michael Rucker