Photo of Juan Tirado

Juan Tirado

East Coast & National Rock Star of the Month | February 2021


Juan is a wonderful employee, a person the customers have named “The Mayor”. Due to the pandemic, the location that Juan manages, is closing. The ridership at the station has dropped 80% and the parking lot is vacant. The local town paper has written a lovely tribute to Juan mentioning how much they relied on him for a smile and a nice greeting, not to mention his fantastic valeting! He got to know the customers and they looked forward to starting their day with his smile. He will be missed by so many. Once the pandemic is over, and ridership begins to come back, the town is hoping that Juan will be back at his job. There was even a Go Fund Me created at holiday time, customers donated money so that Juan wouldn’t be forgotten even though they do not see him everyday at this time. Click here to read the article.

Submitted by Kristen Sokich

Read Nomination #2 Submitted by Maharu Kiyanitza