Photo of Mark Mardyniak

Mark Mardyniak

West Coast Rock Star of the Month | October 2021

Lead Valet
Los Angeles, CA

Through his tenure with Propark Mark Mardyniak has demonstrated what a key role he plays in our team, especially when events present themselves. He is loved by the property where he works and has established such an amazing relationship with them. Without any hesitation Mark has helped and stepped up to the job every single time. In September of 2021 we received a request for some help in CT for the grand opening of YALE NEW HAVEN. When we talked about it as a team, immediately we knew that there was no doubt in our mind who we should send, Mark our top valet attendant. I reached out to Mark and like the ROCK STAR that he is, he stepped up and helped.  He flew from Los Angeles to Connecticut with little advanced notice and spent the week there.  Mark is continuously willing to help and be a part of the success of our Propark family. Not just in west coast, but anywhere he can help. That is what truly makes him a special employee. He is always eager to learn and grow. Having him on team is truly a privilege.   

Summitted by Carla Martinez