Photo of Shante Calhoon

Shante Calhoon

West Coast Leader of the Month | October 2021

Senior Account Manager
Denver, CO

Shante has demonstrated excellence in leadership this month and even through the last few months by successfully opening the valet operations for three hotels in the Mountain Region. As quickly as the Mountain Region is growing in such a short amount of time, Shante has been able to demonstrate the ability to establish client relationships and lead her teams to meet clients’ service expectations. As many regions across the company face staffing challenges, the Mountain Region is fortunate to have a leader like Shante. Shante has been in the frontlines covering any open shifts, including many overnight shifts while still performing her duties as Senior Account Manager and caring for her family of four. She works tirelessly EVERY single day in the operations to ensure that our region is moving in the right direction.


Submitted by Han Chau