Photo of Sonia Alaniz

Sonia Alaniz

West Coast Rock Star of the Month | February 2021

Santa Monica Medical Office Building

When I think of an exemplary employee, I can’t think of anyone better than Sonia Alaniz. In March when the pandemic hit, the location account manager at Santa Monica Medical was laid off and left the location without daily on-site supervision. Sonia immediately stepped up and became the backbone at Santa Monica Medical. In addition to the manager lay off, there were other employee layoffs due to additional staff reductions. After these layoffs, the location had a project to put in all new equipment. Sonia was there to assist in all needs relating to reduction in staff and the new equipment installation. None of that made Sonia give less than 110%.

Sonia always goes out her way to ensure that the location is working at its best. Whether it is showing up at 4am to fix a broken gate or challenging herself to learn to do new things, she has never done before, without a doubt she steps up and exceeds. She is always willing to help her peers and is always eager to learn more. There is no doubt in my mind that she will continue to grow and become a great manager when the opportunity presents itself. Sonia surely deserves recognition as a Propark Rock Star for her reliability, work ethic and positive attitude.


Submitted by Carla Martinez