New Location 5555 San Felipe

In March, Winpark began overseeing the visitor parking operations of 5555 San Felipe.  Within the first few days of operation the old Federal PARCs was replaced with TIBA equipment.  The project consisted of the removal of a highly engineered parking booth/island, re-position of a new concrete island for enhanced ingress geometry, and replacement of the existing parking system. The project commenced on Thursday, March 7th, going live Monday morning March 11th. During this time we were able to provide minimal interruption to the visitors and tenants of the building.

Fun Fact: 5555 San Felipe is the 17th tallest free-standing tower in the city.


About Winpark
Founded by Hines in 1997, Winpark is a premium parking services provider, operating parking facilities in Houston and Phoenix. Winpark has also developed a proprietary parking management software integration platform designed specifically for large real estate assets. Winpark has successfully managed and consulted on some of the nation’s largest Class-A office, retail, mixed-use, and medical facilities, as well as complex design and administrative challenges.

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