Brenda Freije Appointed to Vice President of Business Analytics for Propark Mobility

Published September 9, 2022

Hartford, Conn. – Propark Mobility announced today that Brenda Freije has been promoted to Vice President of Business Analytics.

“Brenda has been a remarkable team member and leader throughout her time at Propark,” said Stephen Duffy, Propark’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Her commitment to the success of our clients’ operations and her dedication to continuing Propark’s rapid growth make her the ideal person for this position. I look forward to seeing all that she accomplishes in this new role.”

After joining Propark in 2019, Brenda quickly became an integral member of the company’s Business Analytics Division. Her keen attention to detail, extensive knowledge of the field, and versatile analytical talents have driven her success at the company, where she most recently served as Director of Business Analytics.

“Brenda’s innovative approach to business analytics has been a key component to Propark’s growth and success in recent years,” said John Reimers, Propark’s Chief Operating Officer. “She continuously delivers critical insight that allows us to make data-driven decisions for our clients, ultimately maximizing the efficiency and profitability of their operations.”

In her new role, Brenda will report to the company’s Chief Strategy Officer and lead Propark’s Business Analytics Division as they continue leveraging intel to optimize operations for clients and customers across the country.


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