Propark Mobility Added $90,000 to JAXPORT Cruise Terminal’s Bottom Line in One Year

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added in first year

50% reduction

in customer wait time

New sales

through reservation site

The Challenge

The Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) Passenger Cruise Terminal serves the Carnival Elation with 78 sail dates per year. In June 2018, JAXPORT sought a parking management company that could modernize their revenue control systems and reduce customer wait time on cruise days. In addition to streamlining customer transactions, which totaled approximately 650 on cruise days, JAXPORT strived to safeguard revenue, as they were experiencing an 11% revenue loss for each transaction at the time.

The Solution

When Propark assumed operation of the passenger cruise parking site, JAXPORT was using two-part hand-issued tickets, no revenue control equipment, and dial-up credit card terminals. We implemented netPark Mobile Valet System units to scan and instantly verify customer reservations presented on paper or mobile devices. Additionally, Propark helped launch JAXPORT’s own reservation website to drive online revenue and boost their bottom line.

The Result

By implementing the mobile revenue control solution, Propark reduced onsite customer transaction time from one minute for credit card customers to less than 30 seconds. This enabled our team to park over 500 cars in less than three hours. In addition to reduced wait times, this resulted in improved revenue control and overall enhanced customer service levels. Combined with the new JAXPORT parking reservation website, Propark’s solutions added $90,000 to JAXPORT’s bottom line in the first year, with ROI set to exceed $100,000 in subsequent years.

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