Welcome to 125th Street Garage

Propark’s 125th Street location is just one of several throughout New York, NY, that provides expertly managed, custom tailored parking management services for office buildings, residential buildings, and other businesses throughout the city and the US. Contact us today and we will create a first-class parking program for your business. We offer an indoor self-parking garage in the heart of Harlem’s busy 125th Street business district; the garage entrance is located on 126th Street. Location is close by to nearby Apollo Theatre, Silvia’s Restaurant of Harlem, Red Rooster restaurant and DMW on 125th Street.

121 W 125TH ST
NEW YORK NY 10027-4440


Parking Rates

Tax Included
Up to 1 Hour: $11
Up to 2 Hours: $13
Up to 8 Hours: $18
Up to 24Hours: $26
Early Bird: $12

Monthly(tax not included)
Residents: $300
SUV Surcharge $63.36

up to 24 hrs: $10
Monthly $100