Propark Mobility Announces Appointment of Kyle Hunter to Assistant Vice President of Corporate Analytics

Published: June 4, 2021

Hartford, Connecticut – Propark Mobility announced today that the company has promoted Kyle Hunter to Assistant Vice President of Corporate Analytics.

“Kyle Hunter personifies the Propark Mobility organic success story,” said John Schmid, Propark Mobility’s Chief Executive Officer. “As an inaugural participant in our Leadership Development Program, Kyle has worked tirelessly to carve an impactful career path through our company, and has been effective every step of the way with each role he has held.”

Kyle joined Propark in July of 2014 after retiring from playing minor league baseball for the Los Angeles Angels.  As a Leadership Development Associate, Kyle spent twenty months learning the industry and working various positions as part of the program’s accelerated curriculum.  In March of 2016, he transferred from the San Francisco Bay Area Regional Office to the Hartford Corporate Office, where he served as an Operations Analyst and then Senior Operations Analyst, as his organic development continued.  Prior to his current position, Kyle most recently held the position of Corporate Director, Operations Analytics.

“Kyle has driven dramatic growth through his intelligent analysis of data and has been instrumental in critical business decisions as our company has navigated through the challenges of a global pandemic,” said Rick DiPietro, President of Propark Mobility. “His innate ability to interpret and analyze data is exceptional, which enables him to accurately forecast revenue direction and other key operational trends. These intuitive insights allow Propark to consistently deliver exceptional results to our clients and stakeholders.”

As Assistant Vice President of Corporate Analytics, Kyle reports directly to the executive committee, and is responsible for the overall collection, analysis and process recommendation relative to operational and financial data for the entire company.


About Propark Mobility

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