Propark Mobility Appoints Dan Martino to Vice President of Risk Management

Published January 30, 2023

Hartford, Connecticut – Propark Mobility announced today that Dan Martino has been promoted to the company’s Vice President of Risk Management.


“Dan Martino has performed at a very high level in leading his team to diligently manage risk on behalf of Propark, its clients and stakeholders,” said David Schmid, Propark Mobility’s Chief Investment Officer. “He understands our industry, the complexities associated with it, and has developed processes and procedures designed to help Propark navigate both the immediate term, and prepare for the future, all with the alignment of our financial goals in mind.”


As a safety professional with a degree in Occupational Health and Safety, and a career that spans over 23 years, Dan began as a Health and Safety Consultant, then spent nearly a decade as a Loss Control Consultant in the insurance industry.  With a diverse background in insurance, risk management, and loss prevention work, Dan’s tenure with Propark began in 2014, when he joined the company as a Human Resources Manager, Compliance & Loss Control.  Over time, Dan began to integrate his knowledge of safety into his role and took on greater responsibilities with respect to risk management and field training initiatives, all designed to promote a safer workplace for employees and guests.  His most recent position prior to this promotion was Corporate Director of Risk Management.


“Dan exemplifies dedication and work ethic that is unsurpassed,” said Richard DiPietro, Propark’s President. “What differentiates Dan from others in this space is his paramount focus on safety, which is always at the forefront of everything that he has been responsible for, from loss control management to operations protocols, from insurance policy renewals to OSHA compliance; everything he touches revolves around the safety of our employees and guests.”


In his new role, Dan will continue to lead Propark’s team of loss control specialists, while taking on greater responsibilities with respect to the organization’s insurance needs.  He will work closely with the company’s legal department as he assists operations teams, leadership personnel, and Propark’s clients with insurance risk management services.


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