Propark Mobility Promotes Peter Kim to Senior Vice President of Marketing

Published August 14, 2023

Hartford, Conn. – Propark Mobility announced today that Peter Kim has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Marketing. Kim’s exceptional leadership in spearheading digital transformation in marketing, as well as his adept skills in effective team management, have been pivotal in steering Propark Mobility toward its remarkable growth trajectory.

“Marketing in our digital marketplace is essential to our dynamic, 24/7/365 yield management strategies, and Peter has been instrumental to Propark’s rapid growth over the last five years,” said John Schmid, Propark’s Executive Chairman. “His vast industry knowledge, coupled with his innovative thinking and marketing expertise, has been fundamental to our accomplishments. I look forward to seeing him continue to expand the company’s reach and achieve even greater success.”

In 2018, Kim joined the Propark team as the Director of Marketing and Revenues. Since 2020, he has taken the helm as Vice President of Marketing, leading the company’s strategic marketing endeavors. Over the last three years, Kim has successfully driven brand awareness and played an integral role in orchestrating digital marketing initiatives that have contributed to Propark’s comprehensive digital transformation. These initiatives have resulted in a remarkable elevation of the company’s online presence and engagement. Notably, his leadership extends beyond strategy and innovation; he has also been a driving force in cultivating a cohesive and high-performing team, contributing to the company’s overall success.

As Senior Vice President of Marketing, Kim will continue to be responsible for developing and executing Propark’s marketing strategies, fostering brand growth, and driving customer demand.


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