Welcome to Aero Parking Corporation

Propark is committed to delivering boutique parking management services for clients throughout New York, NY. Our 30th Street location is just one of several that offers expertly designed parking management programs, shuttle transportation and related services to retail centers, medical facilities, and other businesses throughout the country. The 10 East 30th location is a valet garage that provides excellent service to many hotels and surroundings businesses, including The Carlton Hotel, Midtown Loft & Terrace, Ace Hotel, The Roger Hotel and MADE Hotel. Contact us today.

10 E 30TH ST
NEW YORK NY 10016-7002

Parking Rates

Up to 1 Hour: $24.50
Up to 2 Hours: $32.95
Up to 12 Hours: $39.70
Up to 24 Hours or Overnight (after 2 am): $54.91
Motorcycle (24 max): $21.12
SUV’s: additional $8.45
Pick-up trucks & vans: additional $13.52
Weekend Special (Enter after 6 am, out by 8 pm): $21.12
Early Bird (in by 5-9 am, out by 7 pm): $25.34
Special up to 30 minutes: $14.36
18.375% NYC Parking Tax extra

Monthly (Tax included)
Cars: $600
Main Floor: additional $200
SUV’s (181″ or longer, 70″ or higher): additional $150
Luxury Cars: additional $200
Motorcycles: $200
18.375% NYC Parking Tax extra