Letter from The Chief Executive Officer

Propark has always been an innovator, an industry market leader, and a pioneer in forward-thinking technologies.

In a rapidly changing world of mobility, and in that spirit of innovation, I am so excited to announce that we are changing our name to reflect the evolution in the Urban Mobility marketplace from Propark America to Propark Mobility.

This change reflects our forward-thinking shift from parking cars to the new landscape of mobility services, and contemplates the intersection of mobile intelligence and smart garages in the new era of urban mobility within city centers.

Propark Mobility is the compilation of disruptive technology strategies that reflect the patterns of the mobility options that are now available to accelerate ease of movement within urban ecosystems. The new Urban Garage is now a sustainable “Neighborhood -centric nest” for mobility services including:

  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Mobile phone parking apps
  • Car-sharing stations
  • Package delivery and locker stations
  • Solar carport programs
  • Bike bullpens and electric scooter stations  
  • Mass transit connectivity hubs
  • Automated-vehicle refresh/ staging stations and future rooftop airports for human drone transport vehicles. 

We also understand the importance of big data and analytics and have made significant investments into providing more value for our clients through the following services and programs:

  • Dynamic pricing and yield management
  • Predictive data analytics
  • Marketing analytics
  • Advanced HR recruiting and training programs  
  • Online reputation management
  • Command Center and AI remote management

We understand the mobility landscape is rapidly changing, and that real-estate asset valuation will be contingent on forward thinking adaptability. The future is here, and we are contemplating this seismic shift in mobility.

John Schmid
Propark Mobility