Lightning Pay’s Flexible Payment Solution Drives 36% Increase in Revenue for Class A Office

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36% increase

in transient revenue

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to implement

The Challenge

5410 Wilshire, a Class A office building in Los Angeles, California, faced a revenue collection challenge after regular business hours. While a parking attendant diligently oversaw the lot during the day, the lot became accessible for free parking once his shift ended. Because visitors of nearby residential buildings and local businesses utilized this parking lot in the evenings, there was an opportunity for the client to capture additional revenue during non-business hours. To successfully seize this opportunity, our client sought an innovative and cost-effective payment system solution.

The Solution

Propark Mobility proposed its proprietary mobile payment technology, Lightning Pay. This system operates without traditional Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) equipment, instead relying on clear signage with instructions and QR codes. Once scanned with a smartphone, the QR codes direct parkers to a secure mobile payment site, where they complete their transaction using a credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Lightning Pay became operational in less than one day, as signage was placed at the lot’s entry and exit areas, as well as on flat cones that the parking attendant could set up quickly and easily at the end of his shift.

The Result

During non-business hours, transient revenue saw a substantial 36% increase without requiring personnel on site. This not only enhanced revenue streams but also prevented an increase in labor costs. Additionally, the simplicity of the system – consisting of removable signage instead of stationary PARCS equipment that required routine maintenance – provided a flexible solution that seamlessly integrated into the client’s current operation without raising expenses. Lightning Pay’s operational adaptability was matched by its customer convenience, as the ability to pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay ensured a quick and easy process for parkers, ultimately increasing compliance.

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