Photo of Damon Beard

Damon Beard

East Coast Leader of the Month | July 2021

Cleveland, OH

Damon started as the Supervisor for the West Side Market in December 2020.  The West Side Market is in a very trendy part of Cleveland just outside of the downtown core.  The West Side Market and its’ surrounding parking lots are owned by the City of Cleveland.  The West Side Market gets a lot of unwanted media attention due to the actual market building being in disrepair, so the City of Cleveland is very sensitive to anything negative that could trigger a media event.  The city is constantly auditing our attendants, the cleanliness of the lots, and ensuring the equipment is working as expected.  Although the site is automated, we have to staff the lot 24/7/365 due to the Skidata equipment failing almost daily.  ​​

Since Damon joined the Propark team, he continues to go above and beyond his regular responsibilities. His customer service is 2nd to none, and he is always making the West Side Market experience for the customers and lasting one. Damon’s dedication to Propark, is one that would make the Propark family proud.  When there are issues with equipment or staffing, he is there to fix the issue. He is a great problem solver.  Recently, we had a customer destroy both the exit kiosk and the exit gate. Damon quickly reacted and was able to get pictures of the car and license plate so that we were able to provide that to the police.  This quick thinking is allowing the City to recover the $70,000 in repairs from the customer instead of making an insurance claim.  We had another incident where the power went out at the West Sie Market knocking our parking equipment offline.  With everything offline, we had to quickly man the entrances and exits at two separate lots which included passing out tickets and running the mobile credit card unit to collect revenue.  We only had a single employee onsite so Damon came in on his day off and worked until the power was restored just so the city would not lose money while the equipment was offline.  ​​

Having Damon onsite has allowed me to focus on my primary duties.  He is an outstanding supervisor, and I am looking forward to his continued growth with our Propark family.

Submitted by Paul Martin