Photo of Gabriel Rojos

Gabriel Rojos

East Coast Leader of the Month | November 2021

Account Manager
Westchester County

Gabriel is one of our hardest working employees in Westchester.  His performance at his facility has been outstanding.  Gabriel started at Fleetwood in 2016 and has worked his way up from Attendant to Account Manager.  Gabriel managed the garage during a difficult 3-year renovation project and ongoing build of an adjacent luxury residential building, connected to the garage.  Throughout the challenging process, Gabriel never complained or shied away from additional challenges and workload. 

Most recently, Gabriel accepted one of his biggest challenges to manage our 2021 special event season, that has been going on every single day without breaks, since September 15th.  Gabriel now works 80+ hours per week between the Fleetwood Garage and Special Events, which concludes on November 21st.  Gabriel manages the employees, scheduling, transportation from Fleetwood to the Events, and is the onsite shift manager for our events 5 days per week. 

This is the first year, in our history of running special events, that there have been zero complaints from event staff and from the client.  The events have been running very smoothly, and he has made our jobs that much easier, allowing us to focus more on the details and bigger picture.   All his employees have come to me and commented on how much they enjoyed working with Gabriel and complimented his management style and professionalism. We also received positive client feedback on Gabriel’s performance.  

When I got very sick at the beginning of our event season, Gabriel quickly jumped in and was able to handle and take over my interviewing/hiring responsibilities for the special events, ensuring that this process continued without a hitch. 


Submitted by Paulina Fedoronko